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Three one-of-a-kind pendants available at a wholesale price.

A: Sterling silver surrounds this brilliant Royston Turquoise stone with a zig zag bezel and topped with a Ethiopian opal. Its the Paloma ring on a pendant. measures 40mm x 10mm and hangs on a 24" sterling silver box chain.

B: The mini Naja necklace is made from a textured brass crest surrounded by sterling silver pebbles and a vibrant Ethiopian opal. The pendant hangs on a 20" sterling silver wheat chain. face measures 25mm in diameter.

C: Blood Jasper and Nevada turquoise. This Jasper is surrounded by a smooth bezel and rope detailing. A 3mm turquoise stone at the base give this piece more ooak character. measures 35mm x 15mm and hangs on a 24" sterling silver box chain.

(Each piece is one of a kind, measurements are approximate.)


(Each piece is handmade, measurements are approximate.)

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