Q. Where Do You Source Your Metal And Stones?

A. All precious metals used in the making of MoonPi Jewelry pieces are sourced from reputable, well-established jewelry suppliers. Semi-precious and precious stones come from a number of different reputable sources, jewelry suppliers, lapidary artists, and gem shows. 


Q. What Are Your Estimated Shipping Times?

A. Ready made, one of a kind jewelry will generally ship within five to seven business days. 

Made-to-Order items generally ship between two to three weeks from purchase.

Custom orders will vary


Q. How Can I Custom Order A Piece Of Jewelry?

A. Please visit the "Contact" tab at the top of the screen. From there, you'll be able to fill out a custom order request form.


Q. Is It Possible To Resize one of a kind Rings?

A. One of a kind pieces are not typically available for re-sizing unless specified.  I recommend requesting a custom order in the style of the desired piece as a better option.


Q. Can You Make A Piece Of Jewelry From A Stone I Provide?

A.  Yes! I enjoy working with other people's stone. 


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